PGD Compliance

Course Synopsis
First Time in South Asia BIHRM has been providing this time befitting course. As the pioneer of HR/Management in Bangladesh BIHRM offers this to increase management skills. Post Graduate Diploma in Compliance Management (PGDCM) can prepare apprentices for taking up as new act of HR Management. It is also ideal for those who would like to develop and hone their skills within an existing compliance management role.

It provides detailed learning on a range of relevant compliance management/Socila Compliance topics, combining theoretical background with the practical tools, compliance management techniques and compliance communication formats needed for everyday compliance managers.

The course designed within the context & changes in the world specially Bangladesh, UK, EU, US and global economy, and will be of particular interest to those needing to practice compliance management skills on a day-to-day basis.

PGD in Compliance Management of BIHRM is organized by collaborations with �Highfield awarding body for compliance, uk�, & �The Institute of Management Specialists, uk� . Certificate will be awarded from BIHRM.

Throughout, the student is encouraged to use the ideas both in the context of their own experience and through case studies.

Course Details Of PGD in compliance management from BIHRM:

Duration:6 months,2 semesters, Credit Hour:27

Classes held on weekly holidays.

Both course system available


1st Semester:

1. Social Compliance Worldwide

2. Human Resource Management

3. Labor welfare Safety & Security

2nd Semester:

4. Labor Law

5. SA 8000 & Compliance Audit

6. ISO:9000

#awaiting program: Compliance Deployment

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