Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management (PGDSCM)

Supply Chain Management is the core business practice that determines true effectiveness of other management activities. An efficient Supply chain Manager holds such a position that deals with Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Operations, IT and as a whole the regulator of total business actions.

BIHRMs PGD in Supply Chain Management (PGDSCM) program is concerned with that vital subject of business logistics and supply chain management, an area that can be essential to the competitive strategy and revenue generation of a business. This management area has been described by many names, including physical distribution, materials management, transportation management, Inventory, logistics, Purchasing, Procurement and supply chain management. Relevant business activities may include one or more of the following areas: transportation, inventory, order processing, purchasing, warehousing, materials handling, packaging, customer service standards, and production.

Program Objectives: The focus of this Program is on the planning, organizing, and controlling of these activities  key elements for successful management in any organization. Special emphasis is given to strategic planning and decision making as an important parts of the management process. Managerial efforts are directed towards setting the level of the logistics activities so as to make products and services available to customers at the time and place, and in the condition and form desired, in the most profitable and cost effective way. However BIHRM organizes this program in collaboration with different Inventory & Supply chain institutes from India, Singapore, Malaysia, UK and Australia.

Logistical activities have always been vital to organizations, and so business logistics and supply chain management represents a synthesis of many concepts, principles, and methods from the more traditional areas of marketing, production, accounting, purchasing, inventory and transportation, as well as organizational behavior, and economics. This Program unifies these elements to assist in the effective management of the supply chain.

BIHRM is official strategic partner of Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM),UK. IoSCM entitles BIHRM students as CSCM/ASCM/PSCM ect. So that one can use the international membership title after name.

BIHRM Supply Chain singed and agreement for Erasmus+ EU Scholarship agreement for BIHRM Supply Chain students. Under this agreement our students and faculty can go to the university in Poland to study/ teach supply chain with scholarship support from Erasmus+. Subsequently, Students and teacher from the ‘International University of Logistics & Transport’ will come to BIHRM, Dhaka to study and learn and Share supply chain knowledge BIHRM supply chain program.

This is the first time for any Bangladeshi Supply chain program to go such an agreement.

Course Details :Bangladesh Institute of Human Resource Management(BIHRM) PGD in Supply Chain Management(PGDSCM)| Duration: 6-9 Month, Credits:27

Course materials:All course materials are prepared by BIHRM Faculty/Research associates & will be provided from institute

Course Modules:
1st Semester

Supply Chain Management
Purchasing & Procurement management
HRM for Supply chain leadership

2nd Semester:
Logistics & Transportation Management
Production & Operation Mgt.
Inventory & Distribution Mgt.

Final Semester: Thesis and Viva

Please contact for details:01731822888,01817011406,01911214545

Sharfuddin Lisan
BBA, MBA in Supply Chain(Canada), PGDSCM(Malaysia),
Coordinator, Supply chain-PGDSCM

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Erasmus+ EU Scholarship agreement for BIHRM Supply Chain students with